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The School of Biological Sciences (SBS) is located in two buildings (Block 1 and 2) in the College of Biological and Physical Sciences, Chiromo Campus. The School is part of the former Faculty of Science which was one of the oldest institutions in the University of Nairobi prior to the major restructuring of the University in the early part of 2006.Access to the school is from Riverside Drive, off Chiromo Road. Set in the quiet, serene and forested area between two rivers, this is the natural home of biological sciences.

The School is the proud product of the notable merger of the two of the oldest and well-known departments of this University - Botany and Zoology that occurred in 2006.  The School is therefore carrying the mantle of great experience and excellence in the biological field. Its mandate is twofold: firstly to train personnel in the biological field so as to meet the job market in both the academic and industrial spheres, and secondly, to conduct research in relevant basic and applied biological fields.

The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the following broad areas: systematic and economic biology, physiology and biochemistry, phytochemistry, cell sciences, molecular sciences and biotechnology, virology, bacteriology and mycology, parasitology, immunology and insect sciences.

The School is involved in a number of researches within the biological arena and has links with several local and international institutes. In addition it offers services to the general public such as consultancies in various areas, identification of plants and animals, and the sale of biological products, such as seedlings, mice, insects, fish among others.



1. Prof. Michieni J. Ntiba              2004 - 2006

2. Prof. Elijah Akunda                     2006 - MAY 2014

3. Prof. Paul Nduati Ndegwa         JUNE 2014 - To date



1. Prof. D. S. Kettle                      1961 - 1969

2. Prof. David P. S. Wasawo          1969 - 1972

3. Prof. Mohamed Hyder              1972 - 1978

4. Prof. George K. Kinoti              1978 - 1986

5. Prof. Richard W. Mwangi          1986 - 1991

6. Prof. Steve Dadzie                   1991 - 1993

7. Prof. Kenneth Muema Mavuti   1993 - 1999

8. Prof. Lucy W. Irungu                1999 - 2004

9. Prof. Michieni J. Ntiba              2004 - 2006



1. Prof. William F. Isaac               1961 - 1970

2. Prof. Reuben J. Olembo           1970 - 1975

3. Prof. Simeon Imbamba            1975 - 1985

4. Prof. John Kokwaro                 1986 - 1992

5. Prof. Titus T. Mukiama            1992 - 1998

6. Prof. Richard Mibey                 1998 - 2000

7. Prof. J. Kinyamario                   2000 - 2003

8. Prof. Francis Mwaura               2003 - 2006


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