• Semiochemicals mediating attraction in the cashew mired Helopeltis schoutedeni and the coconut coreid, Pseudotheraptus wayi
  • Diversity of chemical and mechanical properties of wild silk fibers in Africa
  • Investigations in to the biology of Labeo cylindricus Peters (Pisces: cyprinidae) and the potential for commercial culture
  • A study of the effects of cyanophages on the growth patterns of cyanobacteria in Lake Magadi Kenya
  • Isolation of Lytic Bacteriophage from Lake Bogoria
  • Investigation of the optimum conditions for rearing mealworms; Tenebrio molitor (coleopteran Tenebrionidae) for protein rich animal feed
  • A Toxicological Study of Milletia usaramensisStem Bark Extract on Aedes aegypti(Mosquito), Schistocercagregaria(Desert Locust) and Musmusculus(Mouse).
  • Evaluation of Eucalyptusglobus(Blue Gum), Azadiractaindica(Neem) and Phytolacadodecandra(Endod) Extracts as Molluscicidal Agents Against the Planorbid Snail Biomphalariapfeiferi.
  • Shrimp Farming in Kenya. Carbohydrates in Kenya’s Marine Algae and Seaweeds and an Overall Assessment of the Nutritive Quality of these Flora as Food Items for Fish and Food Crustacea (Shrimp, Lobster, Crab & Crayfish).

  • Use of Traditional (Indigenous) Starch Sources (Cassava, Sorghum, Millet) in Formulated Feeds. Tilapia and Catfish Polyculture in Kenya.

  • Artemia Production Systems and Hypersaline Bacteria in Salt Ponds.

  • Bio-prospecting for Biological Catalysts (Enzymes) and Search for Fish Feed Ingredients from Kenya’s Fisheries Resources, Inland and Coastal.

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