• Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Soya Beans (Glycine max L.) and Sesbania sp. in paddy soil fertility replenishment in Mwea, Kenya
  • The role of bacterio-plankton in shallow tropical lagoons and creek ecosystem in Kenya (current).
  • Effect of land use and soil management practices in the control of the phytopathogenic Rhizoctonia species in Taita hills
  • Trichoderma sp. as biocontrol agent against soil born fungal pathogens
  • Characterization and domestication of indigenous Pleurotus sp. in Kenya
  • screening of Kenyan soybean cultivars for resistance to different races of Phakopsora pachyrhizi (soybean rust).
  • Survey of aflatoxigenic Aspergillus species in Makueni District by
  • Occurrence and management of Fusarium vertticilloides and fumonisin accumulation in maize and feeds in Makueni District.
  • Prevalence of mycotoxins in fish feeds, tolerance levels and health effects on farmed fish in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.
  • Identification of candidate tick antigens for use in transfection based and/or subunit vaccines
  • Molecular epidemiology network for promotion and support of delivery of live vaccines against Theileria parva and Theileria annulata infection in Eastern and Northern Africa
  • Exploration of the effects of anti‐tick vaccines on the transmission of Theileria parva

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