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2013/2014 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Diversity Of Fungal Pathogen Associated With Fusarium Wilt Of Banana And Biological Control Of Fusarium Oxysporum F.sp Cubense Using Tricoderma And Streptomyces Spp. Muthengi Carlene Kathomi 2013/2014 View Details
Characterization Of Bacteria Species In Pesticide Contaminated Soil Omondi Zeph Nelson 2013/2014 View Details
Isolation And Characterization Of Endophytic Bacteria In Sugarcane Stalks Litunya Immaculate 2013/2014 View Details
A Comparative Analysis Of The Antimicrobial Actvity Of Cinnamon Oil And Cinnamon Extract On Some Food Borne Microbes Atsiaya Sammy 2013/2014 View Details
Antibacterial Activities Of Mexican Sunflower's Leaf Extract Against Enteropathogen Bacteria Osena Gilbert Odindo 2013/2014 View Details
Endophytic Actinomycetes Isolation And Investigation Of Their Antifungal Properties Mwangi Joyce Wambui 2013/2014 View Details
Isolation And Characterization Of Root Nodules Bacteria From Leguminous Plants Korir Kiplang'at Benard 2013/2014 View Details
Influence Of Sunlight On Corliform Indicators In Polluted River Waters Amukowa Daniel Khamala 2013/2014 View Details
Bacteriological Water Quality Of Irrigation Water Collected From Hand Dug Dams In Gathondeki, Nairobi Orina Jeremiah 2013/2014 View Details
Bilogical Efficacy Of Trichoderma Harzianum As A Bio Control Agent Against Rhizotonia Solani In Comparison To A Biosynthetic Fungicide Otieno Cleave Odhiambo 2013/2014 View Details
An Exploratory Study On The Diversity Of Fungal Pathogens In Wheat From Narok Couty, Kenya Murei Linda Jepleting 2013/2014 View Details
Mycotoxigenic Contamination Of Traditional Brew(busaa) And Its Raw Materials In Nairobi Couty Kawangware And Kayole Kibeu Wangusi Fred 2013/2014 View Details
Diversity Of Hyphomycetous Fugi In Soils From Kabete Field Station And Chiromo Forest Mwangi Reuben Kimenji 2013/2014 View Details
Comparison Of Efficacy Of Hydrogen Peroxide, Chloroxylenol Andsodium Hypochrorite As Disinfectants At Different Concentrations On Escherichia, Staphylococcus Aureas, Bacillus Subtillis And Penicillium Spp. Ravate Billtone Chris 2013/2014 View Details
Effects Of Storage Conditions On Mould Contamination Of White Bread Maina Wanjiku Angeline 2013/2014 View Details
Isolation And Characterization Of Bacteria From The African Saugage(mutura) Kelvine Kelly Omondi 2013/2014 View Details
Vector Competence Study Of Anopheles Gambiae For Bunyamwera Virus Nguli Anne Mwikali 2013/2014 View Details
Diversity And Characterization Of Bacteria In Oil Contaminated Soil Rashid Samya Said 2013/2014 View Details
Determination Of Cd4+ T Cell Populations In Blood And Their , Correlation To Hiviaids And Tb As Co Infections In An Individual. Kirui Caliph Cheruiyot 2013/2014 View Details
Helminthes Prevalence In Ng'ong Region Aongo Jeremiah Opiyo 2013/2014 View Details
Assessment Of Diversity Of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria From The Gut Of Termites From Different Ecologies Background In Kenya Ochwedo Kevin Omondi 2013/2014 View Details
Treating Gram Negative Folliculitis Acne With Over The Counter Meuicarion To Prevent Proliferarion Of E.coli Mokua Sharon Nyanchama 2013/2014 View Details
_determining The Efficacy Of Trichoderma Harzianum As .a Bid-control Agent Against Selected Soil-borne Fungal Pathogens Thungu Milly Nyambura 2013/2014 View Details
Assessment Of Antimicrobial Activity Of Selected Soaps And Detergents Against Common Bacteria Species Contaminating Public Washrooms Wanjohi Jackline Me Wanjiru 2013/2014 View Details
A Surveyof The Microbioligical Quality Of Botiled Water Processedin Kenya Omwomo Kevin Ochieng 2013/2014 View Details
Assessing Effectsof Human Activities On Plant Communities Of Manguo Wetland In Kiambu County Kenya. Douglas Manyonyi 2013/2014 View Details
Assessment Of Water Quality And Phytoplankon Productivity Of Cillromo Aquaculture Fish Ponds. Erick Onyango Owino 2013/2014 View Details
Water Quality Of Kibangare Stream Joining Mat Hare River, Kenya Kituku, Gedion Mw Ai 2013/2014 View Details
The Effect Of Farming Activities On The Water Quality Of Ondiri Swamp, Kiambu County. Meso Joseph Napunyi 2013/2014 View Details
Assessment Of Household Solid Waste Management In Umoja And Donholm Estates Omondi Aquilas Okoth 2013/2014 View Details
A Case Study Of Random Households In Westlands Constituency. Malowa .h. Fredrick 2013/2014 View Details
Assesment Of The Impacts Of Parthenium Weed (parthenium Hysterophorus) Along The Nairobi Southern By-pass Road Edwin Mutuma Murungi. 2013/2014 View Details
Comparison Of The Effect Of Plant And Animal Organic Ma Tier On The Growth Of The Common Bean (phaseolus Vulgaris) Stanley Marvyn Nge'the 2013/2014 View Details
,impacts Of Substrate Characteristics And Vegetation Shading On Benthic Invertebrates In Kirichwa Tributaries Of Nairobi River. Ruttoh Charity Chelangat 2013/2014 View Details
Assessing The Regeneration And Threats To Elgon Teak In Mt. Elgon Forest K!pruto Michael Bomli 2013/2014 View Details
Assesment Of The Imp Act Of Cultivation On The Pdive1ity And Abundance Of Soil Arthropods In Chiromo Campus, Nairobi Amokebrendaanyango 2013/2014 View Details
Management Of Solid Household Waste In Informal (kangemi) And Formal (loresho) Settlements Otieno Beatrice Awuor 2013/2014 View Details
Investigation On How The Soil Factors Influnce The Plant Lifeforms Along River Kirichwa Kubwa (chiromo Campus). Atweng' A George Otieno 2013/2014 View Details
The Socio - Biological Status Of Snake - Human Conflicts In Mwingi District, Kitui County And Mukaa District, Makueni County Mutua Arubanus Kennedy 2013/2014 View Details
Assessing 'the Impacts Of Edge Effects Created By Human Disturbance In Ngong Forest Awino Geoffrey Ochieng 2013/2014 View Details
Determination Of The Diversity Of Aspergillus Species In P;eanutstwo Weeks Before Harvest From Meru County Kenya Otieno Tulian Aluoch 2013/2014 View Details
Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting And Its , Contribution To Domestic Water Supply In Kiv Aa Location, Machakos County Katoo, Thomas Nzivo 2013/2014 View Details
Surveillance Of Nosema In Honey Bees In Different Regions In , Kenya Kabugu James Wanjama 2013/2014 View Details
Coliform And E.coli Bacteria In Street Fish, Meat And Vegtables Nairobi, Kenya Odongo George 2013/2014 View Details
Microbiological Examination Of The Effect Of Ph Variation On Staphylococcus Aureus Growth And Applications In Prevention Of Food Poisoning Wasieba Watiti Silas 2013/2014 View Details
Prevelence Of Gastrointestinal Helminthes Infection Among Urban Poor In Kenya; Mukuru Slums Hadn M. Mohammud 2013/2014 View Details
Prevalence Of Helminth Parasites In Rabbits At The University Of : Nairobi's School Of Biological Sciences Animal House Achieng' Lorraine Bernadette 2013/2014 View Details
"examination Of Salmonellae Species In Fresh Meat S . Pled From Kenya Eat Commission (kme), Ath) River" Kanti Simon Pasidle 2013/2014 View Details

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