17 Graduates from FST conferred with Doctor of Philosophy Degree

phd graduands from the facutly of science and technology

The 67th conferment of degrees and diploma took place on 23rd September 2022 at the iconic Taifa hall.

The faculty of Science and technology produced 17 out of the 85 PhD graduands. Notably the honoraria causa degree was awarded to Prof. Patrick Verkooijen, Chief executive officer at Global Centre for Adaptation.  He was also appointed the as the Distinguished Chair of The Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies.  ‘’Professor Verkooijen is a champion of causes...that make the world a better place. His impeccable personal character and high morals embody much of what we value and aspire to at our university as captured in our philosophy; and through this friendship, we will accelerate knowledge on climate adaptation for a more resilient Africa.” noted the Vice Chancellor Prof. Kiama

The event was graced by Amb. Simon Nabukwesi, the PS at the Ministry of Education who encouraged the graduands by saying ‘’do your best, love what you, do it in the interest of your nation. Don’t contribute to spiritual and moral decay, do better and give Kenya a better identity. You have the capacity to make positive and lasting impact. You must be different from all others who have gone through other institutions. Give this university a special identity’’

The C chancellor Dr.Vijoo Rattansi on her part congratulated the graduands. ‘’I congratulate you today. By the very design of our 8-4-4 education system, this graduation marks the end of your basic education cycle and the beginning of a lifelong if not higher education in the school of life’’. She also reemphasized the need for re-engagement with communities to make universities more relevant to their everyday lives and render timeous solutions to the problems

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Kiama commended all the graduands for the accomplishment. ‘’The University and your families are very proud of your achievements. We are proud to produce solution providers. They join a long list of members of University of Nairobi Convocation’’. He also touched on gains of the reform agenda which has borne fruits by reduction of wastages and leakages in our financial system, Effective staff redeployment, and job reorganization, rationalization of workload and automation of our processes

A total of 3553 graduands were conferred with degrees and diplomas and one Honoris Causa; 85 PhD 595 Masters degrees, 2508 Bachelor degrees, 62 Post Graduate Diplomas and 302 Diplomas

The 68th graduation celebration will be held in December 2022