Environmental Conservation Students Scoop First Runners Up in Mazingira Challenge

Founders of Isiolo Conservationist Trust (ICT) who are also third and fourth year students studying Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource Management, took up the challenge to participate in the Mazingira Challenge organized by Chiromo Enivironmental Awareness Club (CEAC) on Friday February 7, 2020. 

Musa Mohamud, Salad Abdi, Issa Mohamed though wanted to gain more on environmental conservation ideas, much to their amazement, scooped the first-runners up position. They referred to themselves as Team Kanga. 

Team Kiboko were the winners of the day, comprising three students from Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics. 

Musa, Salad and Issa participated in Mazingira Challenge to get innovative ideas that can suite their objective to curb climate change in Isiolo county, as well as sustainable conservation and natural resource utilisation. 

"We need to have an innovative idea that can generate youth employment as well as have an active management of environment and utilization of natural resource goods and services," said Issa Mohamed, chairman of Isiolo Conservationist Trust.

The team understood better the opportunities of plastic recycling. Salad Abdi, was excited to learn that  you can recycle plastics to produce valuable items that have economic value, such as t-shirts. "32 plastic bottles can make one t-shirt", informed Ikreet Singh Kenth, Chief Operations Officer of T3 (EPZ) Limited.