School of Biological Sciences Conferences

1st FISHERMAN Regional Conference

Date & Time: From 2015-11-10
To 2015-11-11
Description of Conference


The Indian Ocean is the smallest, youngest and physically most complex of the three major oceans. Most of the water area of the Indian Ocean lies within the tropical and temperate zones, with a significant biodiversity and several upwelling zones important to commercially valuable marine species. Although great fisheries potential, some areas of this ocean are still insufficiently known.

The main aim of the 1st edition of the FISHERMAN Regional Conference is to bring together regional and international professionals involved and interested in the FISHERY Fishery sector, to exchange ideas and to promote an effective collaboration in the South-Western Indian Ocean.

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The 1st African Symposium on Mycotoxicology (ASM)

Date & Time: From 2015-05-26
To 2015-05-28
Description of Conference

The University of Nairobi together with Stellenbosch University is organising the 1st African Symposium on Mycotoxicology to be held in Livingstone, Zambia in May 2015.

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by fungi (molds) in food and feed. Once consumed, contaminated food and feed might be harmful to human and animal health. Acute aflatoxin poisoning has resulted in the death of more than 100 Kenyans in 2004, but it is the chronic poisoning with contaminated food that is most concerning. Over time such food causes cancer, immune suppression and birth defects. It also retards growth in children. Significant levels of mycotoxins have been found in grain crops and groundnuts in Africa, as well as in the blood and urine samples of people in rural communities.

In an effort to address the threat of mycotoxins to food production systems, health care and trade on the African continent, an African Mycotoxin network was established in 2011. The original objective was to connect scientists, academics and industry interested in mycotoxin research and collaboration. With a significant membership participating in web activities, we now plan to organize the 1st African Symposium on Mycotoxicology in May 2015. Visit more information.

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Date & Time: From 2012-12-20
To 2012-12-23
Description of Conference

This was the training of trainers workshop organized to build capacity of biology teachers to develop suitable supplementary teaching materials and effectively provide animal welfare education in Kenya


The specific objectives were:

  1. to improve pedagogical skills of lecturers to effectively deliver quality AWE,
  2. to develop various methodological/pedagogical approaches of teaching and learning animal welfare course content,
  3. to develop Animal Welfare Champion (AWC) scheme to recognize individuals who promote or apply best practices in animal welfare,
  4. to develop and adopt a plan of action to roll out the AWC scheme and to engage Kenya Institute of Education in introducing AWE in Kenya Secondary Schools.


The workshop brought together professionals in animal care and protection, biological education, environmental education and conservation education as well as teacher trainees from Nairobi and Kenyatta universities.  The main outputs of the workshop were: providing forum for networking among educators, improved pedagogical skills in teaching of animal welfare course unit, provision of supplementary learning materials, initiation of animal welfare leadership scheme in the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Nairobi and recommendations for monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of AWE in Kenya.

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Date & Time: From 2012-11-28
To 2012-11-29
Description of Conference

The School of Biological Sciences held post graduate seminar for the year 2012.

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